EMB #117: The Life of an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur seems to be a growing topic in the market plane today.  There’s never been a time where more products are being introduced, never more blogs popping up, public figures, and companies both big and small.  More and more people are interested in financial freedom, they’re interested in knowing what it’s like to be your own boss and not have anyone to answer to.  In this show I wanted to share the story of myself and how I life the life if an entrepreneur.

I’ve never been great at sharing my own story, who I am or what I do; but as I progress in business, as I achieve more heights my fan base grows and more people are interested about who I am.  I think it’s important to share a more personal side of who I am and how I’ve been able to get to where I’m at because those that show interest in me and what I do deserve it.  They/you deserve to know details of I how I got here, how I’m a person you’re reading about or listening to and why I chose this path.

Although I do believe there should be a line between a personal life and life open to the public, I don’t think we have much to gain by hiding, secrets, ideas or information that could benefit others.  I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed talk about business and to entrepreneurs themselves until I wrote my first show on the topic called passion in starting your own business, after that show I decided to host my first meet up event where I invited a number of business and owners and those looking to start their own project in some way.  I couldn’t have had a better time meeting and talking with everyone, listening to new ideas, struggles and solutions shared by everyone; and also sharing my own personal experiences which my successes and how I’ve been able to get to where I’m at.

 Entrepreneur night

Here’s me enjoying myself at the end of our Entrepreneur night, it was a blast!

So after Entrepreneur night, realizing how much people enjoyed it and that I had useful information to share I was lead in the direction to share this show with all of you.

What I cover in the show is how I got into health and fitness and what landed me starting fitness classes and personal training.  Then I go into details about this show right here, how I was able to get it started, why I did so and the journey we went through from show #1 to #117.  Complete Truth Protein was my next project and a business of it’s own, so again I share details on why I started that project, how I turned this idea into a real product and finally a real business that’s moving across Western Canada.  And lastly we cover my book Detoxify Yourself; I explain how it became a best seller, the work I put into and why I created it.

So that’s it, sounds funny saying this show is all about me, but it pretty much is.  This show signifies how far I came since I first started in business.  It wasn’t that long ago where I felt incredibly uncomfortable even mentioning my name in a conversation let alone dedicating an entire show to it.  I can’t thank all of you enough for showing your interest in me and what I’m doing, following along with the show and other realms of what I do.  Without you I wouldn’t be here and your support means the world to me, so again, thank you for being here with me along this ride.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below and comments are more than welcome also.