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Fitness Competitor Dorothy Keith joins us on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body to talk about her second competition.  I wanted to bring her on to talk about the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of all that’s involved with a competition.  I think many people aren’t exactly sure what a fitness competition entails.  I wanted her to share this story with her because as I’ve trained her I know first hand the dedication, sacrifices and commitment an event like takes.

Dorothy walkin!


  • In the show Dorothy tells about what a typical day was like for her in training, she talks about two workouts a day, the time it took her to prepare meals and always be ready for the next day.
  • Time is always an issue that comes up with eating better and working out, so I ask Dorothy how she made the time and commitment to get through everything that she had to do in her daily life to prepare for the stage.
  • Motivation is something else that often comes up, so I ask Dorothy the popular question, ‘where do you find the motivations to get through difficult workouts and long days in the kitchen, along with a full time job.
  • Dorothy tells us that the most difficult part of training is the metal prep, she goes into detail about how this was one of her greatest achievements from the last show to this one.
  • One of my favorite answers Dorothy gives in the interview is when I ask her about results and how she felt about what she accomplished.  She tells us she accomplished all her goals she set out to do before she actually hit the stage, and hitting the stage was more of a reward, which was so great to hear.
  • And lastly Dorothy shares a message with all of the listeners and those that go about setting goals of their own.

dorothy and DrewThe day after Dorothy’s competition I joined her at the gym for a photo shoot.  And although this is more of a formal conversation on air, I couldn’t be more proud to have gone through this journey with her and watch her transform in the not only the competitor she is but the person she’s become.  You can click on the (True Form) link below to read more of a person perspective I shared between Dorothy, myself and the journey that I shared on facebook.
For more information on Dorothy here is her:
Thank you so much for having a read, thanks for listening and as always thank you for your support.  If you have any questions please ask below, and if you’d like to add any comments I’d be happy to read them.

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5 thoughts on “EMB #118: Fitness Competition Dorothy Keith

  • Bethany Hoskin

    I love what Dorothy says in the podcast about prioritizing your time. A friend of mine recently recommended that whenever I catch myself saying “I don’t have enough time for that” to instead substitute “I’m not making that a priority right now”. If after a day or two I notice that saying it’s not a priority sits wrong for me, or makes me feel uncomfortable, then I need to figure out how to prioritize it in. If it feels fine, then it’s prioritized right where it needs to be.

    • Drewtaddia Post author

      Thanks for the comment Beth, I couldn’t agree more. That’s great advise! We certainly make time for priorities in our life, Dorothy did a great job of explaining how she does this herself.

  • Dorothy Keith

    Thanks for listening Beth! I appreciate your feedback. That’s a great strategy to find out if what we put off is really important to us. Prioritizing is how I get everything done 🙂