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‘Is organic food healthier’ is a questions that often comes up.  You have two sides of the story, one either says it’s too expensive or it’s ‘how do you really know if it’s organic?’.  And the other side says, of course, organic is always better.  So what I’ve done is invite someone on the show that knows first hand what the answer is, without equivocation I believe our guest has the answer to the question you’ve all been asking about.  Is organic food healthier or not?  Rick Kohut, our local Holistic Nutritionist knows first hand what the answer is and he’ll explain why he says, “no it’s not”.

After working for a big corporation that produce chemicals and fertilizers Rick decided to make a change, not only for his own health but for his family’s and yours too when he decided to open up his own heath food store.  Being raised on a farm knowing how to grow crops, what they are fertilized with and how the food is produced, Ricks background gives us a perfect platform to build on to answer this question.  Not only that but his experience working for a chemical corporation will give us insight that answers the question “is organic food healthier?”

Is organic food healthier?

You may be surprised to hear Rick say Organic food is not always healthier.  And that the label ‘certified organic’ isn’t the top of the line concerning food labels.

Rick also goes on to talk about these key points:

GOOD things to know about your food, or at least endeavor to know about your food:

  • That it is produced by a person or family, not a big corporation or in a factory
  • That it is produced in or on healthy soils
  • That it comes from a place where you can visit and get dirt on your shoes…or manure!
  • That it comes from a place that welcomes bugs, butterflies and bees
  • The most important thing is that SOMEONE CARES about what they produce as a farmer

I hope you enjoy the show, we always appreciate Rick being on and sharing his knowledge with us, so thanks so much Rick!

If you’d like more details on Rick you can visit his website The Good Food Guy.  And we also had quite a bit of interest last time he was on when we talked about Digestion, if you’d like to check out that post or listen to that show you can click here.  And if you would like to read Rick’s entire post in detail about Organic or Not you can do so here.

Check out farmer Rick in action when he talks about the Sweetest Corn Ever!

Thanks for reading and or listening, I always appreciate the time to take for the show.  I hope this clears up the questions is organic food healthier or not?  If you have an additional questions on this top feel free to ask below.


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