Dangers of Technology

Recently my email account was hacked and not only did ‘I’ send out many spam emails to all of my contacts but I was receiving them as well. First of all, my sincerest apologies to anyone that was contacted and may have had their day disrupted because of this.  It pretty much took up an entire day for me to fix this issue with changing passwords, apologizing and clearing up what shouldn’t have come from my account.

It makes me think how vulnerable we all are. At times I feel like I live in my inbox, it’s how I communicate. Email is how I talk to clients, set up interviews, have conversations with friends and family and in an instant someone or something negatively disrupted all of that.

Personally I feel like we lose more than we gain with all of this technology going around. Wees  lose communication skills, we stop shaking hands and giving hugs. How often do people really listen when you’re talking to them? We sit at tables at a restaurant and text on our phones and ignore that people we’re there with!  We live in a odd world and if you ask me the dangers of technology are more apparent than we realize.

Dangers of Technology

Show Notes:

  • how my email was compromised
  • affecting friends, family, clients and my business
  • Using technology less
  • going on a phone detox
  • how our eyes are effected staring at a screen all the time
  • social media (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • miscommunication through text messages
  • research around cell phones, computers and your health
  • sending actual mail or a hand written letter

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