EMB #195: Plantpure Nation

Today on Exploring Mind and Body Kim Campbell joins me for an interview all about their Plantpure Nation movement. Now, not only is this a study and cookbook but it’s a documentary as well. Kim is the daughter in law to Dr. T. Colin Campbell author of the China Study and creator of The Plantpure Nation cook book. For more details about Kim you can find them Kim Campbell.

Plantpure nation

Show Notes:

  • How Kim became a culinary artist
  • Kim growing up on a dairy farm
  • being influenced by the Campbell’s at an early age
  • Case study, 10 days on a plant based diet
  • incredible results of those who go on a plant based diet for 10 days
  • more about plantpure nation
  • the movement
  • the documentary
  • Hydration
  • how entire family is Vegan
  • what it’s like to raise vegan children
  • having kids help with dinner
  • having kids pack lunches
  • Simple and delicious recipes from the book
  • portobello mushroom recipe
  • black bean quinoa recipe

Resources and Links:

  • Hydration
  • China Study
  • Forks Over Knives

I just want to say thanks so much to Kim for coming on the show. On air show told us she was visiting her 17 City while on tour, so I so much appreciate her taking the time to be on the show with us. I love what Kim and company is doing and think it’s a fantastic way to health spread the word on healthy living. All the best to Kim and the PlantPure Nation.

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