EMB: 242: Benefits of in Home Personal Training

Jonathan Chant works not only on stretching the muscles, but stretching the mind. This episode discusses the unlimited possibilities that come from stomping your limiting beliefs. . . We will discover the stories we make up about why we can’t do certain things and the habits these stories cause us to form. We will then learn how to break these negative habits, and how to instead create consistent, positive, and sustainable ones.

This show will be examining what you really want to do, what has been stopping you from doing it, and what you need to do to make this happen; the path to health, wellness, and feeling great is paved!

at home workouts with jonathon chant

Who is Jonathan Chant?

Jonathan is a Registered Kinesiologist and owner of Fitness For Freedom, a company that specializes in making exercise convenient by going to people’s homes to coach and teach them how to exercise and live in a healthier way. In his last 10 years of being a coach he has realized that most people know enough about fitness but nothing about changing their habits in a sustainable way. So his company specializes in working with people to not only to deliver them great fitness programming but also nudge them to make healthier choices the other 166 hours of the week.

Show Notes:

  • How Jonathan´s idea about in home personal training got started
  • Look at what it is you want
    • What would you like to change about  how you eat? How you exercise?
    • What are the steps you need to take?
  • Forming habits
    • What´s preventing you from going?
    • Get rid of those preventions
    • It´s easy to exercise without equipment
  • How to be more consistent with forming habits at home
    • Set an exercise alarm
  • Get rid of your excuses
  • Shift your mindset- Little habits add up to big lifestyle changes (both good and bad)
  • Slow and sustainable methods, no fast track to unhealthily losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks
    • Quickly begin to feel better
  • “What is your normal?”
  • Jonathan´s methods creat energy and muscle activation/functionality
  • The stories we make up; why we believe we can´t do certain things
    • Limiting beliefs

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