5 Worst Detoxes Ever

5 Worst Detoxes Ever was inspired by the constant news I hear about so many try a 3 day detox to improve their health.

I don’t agree with short detoxes or fasts, I feel that many times we actually put more stress on our bodies by removing all nutrients and even some toxins. Take sugar for example. We as a society are addicted to sugar, which means if we remove all sugar our bodies go through withdrawals which puts an enormous amount of stress on our bodies both mentally and physically.

The the higher road, moving in a sustainable manner, step by step is the way to see sustainable results. So let’s get into the 5 Worst Detoxes Ever!

5 worst detoxes ever

5 Worst Detoxes Ever

Shake Detoxes

Most shakes have more toxins than any other product. Doesn’t make sense to add toxins to your body while you’re trying to detox.

Soup Detox

Our bodies need nutrients. And I get it. We want to resent our system, we want a fresh start but putting your body through a weekend of soup isn’t the way to go about it.

Juice Detox

There’s tons of research that juicing can improve your health, but I’m not talking about juicing, I’m talking about a juice detox. Juice is fantastic to add to your regular diet but not to consume alone.

Nothing Detox

That’s right, this is a detox where you eat absolutely nothing. Odd I know. Our bodies need nutrients to heal, prevent and cure.

Celebrity Detoxes 

Just because you’re in a movie or are on tv doesn’t mean it’s okay to start a movement with food or lack there of. Pay attention to these, many times it’s just another way for the celebrity to make money, not improve your health.


Banana Detox

I actually heard about this. Someone told me all they ate was bananas, which was until their health declined so much they had to start eating more food. Which is exactly what will happen if you detox the wrong way, especially without supervision.

Final Thoughts

I know many won’t agree with me, this is only my opinion. So feel free to guess, test and research to come up with your own conclusions. If you’re really going through a detox it should be supervised, and if it’s not chemical based i.e. drugs, alcohol the only detox you should be doing is with whole food. The way our bodies are supposed to consume nutrients.

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