Behind the Scenes of 200 Shows

It’s hard to believe 4 years ago I came into this town I’m now living in with only a thought of running a business and looking for a way to market. It was difficult trying to get started, it seems like when you come into a small town (at least this one) many are closed off to the ‘new guy’.

As difficult as it was, I knocked on doors of gyms in the area but no one seemed interested in having me around. I found a list of health and wellness businesses in the area, called each one of them but found little interest as well. Not to be deterred, the truth is I didn’t have another option, there really wasn’t any turning back. If I was going to make a run at putting food on the table through my own business I had to push forward.


I knew I had to find different ways to market, so I went in the studio and presented them with an offer of trading services. This idea wasn’t exactly welcomed but after I continued to persist an offer was returned to me to host a 15 minute health and wellness show.

In order to achieve something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done – Jefferson

After we ironed out details and once again I put my comfort zone to the side, I was able to find enough sponsors to run the show. It’s hard to believe that the first recording of 13 minutes took 8hrs to piece together. It was a grueling episode and if you go back to the first one which is almost embarrassing to put out there, you may think (as I did), “who would want to listen to this?”

Who would have thought 4 years later I’d still be here improving and getting better and welcoming bigger named guests on air.

I have to thank friends and family that were more than encouraging to keep me moving forward, especially in the early days when I wasn’t very good and knew it. I still have sponsors that have been on from the very first episode which in all honesty, I wouldn’t be here without them.

  • GDK Gravel and Sand
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • AG Foods (Didsbury)
  • Health Street

“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations that he or she is willing to have.” -Tim Ferris

Show Notes:

  • How I started on air
  • success and failure
  • thankful to my sponsors
  • how radio improved my life skill (writing, talking, speaking, communicating)
  • step outside your comfort zone
  • find a mentor
  • find someone who knows more than you
  • it’s okay to be nervous
  • Dan Millman coming on for my 200th show!

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re likely in the wrong room – Anonymous 

Links and Resources:

Sponsor – Accountability Coach

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