Q and A: Food Drinks Maintenance Injuries

Here is another show I pieced together with Troy asking me questions in studio on Food, Drinks, Maintenance and Injuries. (Q and A: Food Drinks Maintenance Injuries)



It’s absolutely essential so supplement your body properly with quality nutrients both before and after a workout. It doesn’t do you any good to spend hours in the gym and hit the drive through on the way home. If you want to get the results you’re looking for, you need to spend just as much time if not more in the kitchen than in the gym.


It’s important to avoid sugary drinks when you’re not only working out buy throughout the day. Conventional sports drinks will have refined sugar, toxic coloring and preservatives added to make it look and taste great, with your health the last priority on the company’s mind. ¬†Read all the ingredients on everything you consume (including everything you drink), if you can’t read it or pronounce something on the list put in back on the shelf.


I’m not sure if there ever really is a maintenance stage in health (fitness or life for that matter). I feel that we’re always trying to get better in some way. So ‘how to maintain’ is a difficult question to answer. I feel that if you’re working out on a consistent basis, you actually start to enjoy what you’re doing, you find new goals and new achievements you want to accomplish so instead of looking at maintaining you’ll actually be looking to move forward on a regular basis.


It’s always important to take care of yourself with it comes to injuries. Personally I believe it’s always best to look at where the injury came from (which most likely from some form of stress), the heal from the inside out and finally strengthen.

Many times we do nothing when an injury comes up which doesn’t help anything. Without strengthening from the inside out the injury always comes back.

And lastly, I know it’s difficult to ease back in to exercise or activity after an injury but if you don’t you’ll be right back where you started in no time. Our bodies adapt and adapt and adjust quickly but we still need to give it time to strengthen and get back to full use (and strength).

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