EMB#196: Lou Corona’s 4 Principles

It was an absolute pleasure having Lou on the show talking about his 4 principles. Lou really is a fountain of unending information. So much so that we actually have 20 mins of BONUS material for you! Lou has an incredible story of how he healed himself from numerous health issues in which no one had answers to. Once Lou started to clean up his life and implement what he now teaches as his 4 principles he started to naturally heal himself and get rid of all the dis-ease in his body.

Lou corona's-4 principles

Who is Lou Corona?

Lou Corona, President and founder of Puradyme, A company grounded on the 4 Principles to a healthy and vibrant life!

Like most people.  It takes a sudden shock, or rude awakening in order for us to come to the place of awareness with ourselves and the reality of our own life in general.  That sudden shock of reality gripped Lou Corona at the age of 21 years old when he found himself suffering from a multitude of illnesses. Spending endless hours in and out of Doctors’ offices and searching for answers beyond the diagnoses, Lou refused to give up until he found out why.  What was the cause?  At 21 years old Lou suffered from:

  • Chronic asthma
  • Severe allergies
  • Major constipation
  • Candida
  • Debilitating arthritis
  • A tumor
  • Severe acne

Unsatisfied and still without answers as to the cause of his symptoms, Lou Corona continued to search.  Where he found his answers was near a place every living being fears, near death.  Read the rest of Lou’s story here.

Lou Corona’s 4 Principles 

lous 4 principles

Show Notes:

Cellular Communication

  • generating or degrading
  • everything you think and feel – your body is always communicating
  • your body’s communication can make or break you
  • Empower or dis-empower
  • stinkin thinkin
  • Get rid of self pity – change your thoughts, perspective, attitude
  • take responsibility
  • take action
  • be in the drivers seat

Cellular Environment 

  • Create a declaration of how you want to be, read it 3X/day
  • embrace the sun
  • get outside – energize, clean and detoxify your body in nature
  • breathing exercises
  • drink clean water
  • get grounded -find a grounding mat

Cellular Exercise

  • 2 forms of exercise – internal and external
  • stimulate your lymphatic system
  • breath – breath in for 8 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and let out for 8 seconds
  • rebounding
  • bath
  • sauna

Cellular Nutrition

  • cellular food
  • juicing
  • ginger lemon blast
  • enzymes

I’d like to take a moment to thank Lou for coming on the show and offering such valuable information to our listeners. And to thank Puradyme as well for all they’re doing. This is a incredible family run business who are an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks for all you do team Puradyme!

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