EMB #182: Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Tracey Russell who is the author of the Best Green Smoothies on the Planet!  Tracey has an interesting story of how she got into making green smoothies and it all started off with her first of all not enjoying green, salads in particular and then experimenting with her own creations.  There is so much to take away from this book and interview but before we get into the show notes here is more about Tracy.

Tracy Russell has tried just about every fad diet and expensive “superfood” supplement out there. It wasn’t until she discovered the green smoothie that she lost 40 pounds, lowered her cholesterol by 50 points, and started running—marathons!

Tracy is one of the foremost experts on green smoothies and nutrition. She shares her wealth of first-hand information, research, and experiences with tens of thousands of people every day. Tracy is the author of one of the largest green smoothie websites on the Internet, Incredible Smoothies, which she launched in 2009 to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

Tracy Russell author of The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

Show Notes

Some of the topics we covered in the interview include:

  • The nutrition tips under each smoothie listed
  • What GMO’s are and how to stay away from them
  • Iron packed smoothies
  • Calcium packed smoothies
  • Smoothies for energy

In the interview I told Tracy, about how when I first picked up her book, quite honestly it looked like a regular smoothie book but when I started to flip through the pages and then read some of her content I couldn’t put it down. There was so much information, so much to take away and so much value offered.

I loved the health tips, how the book was separated into chapters and over 150 recipes to choose from!

Just a quick thank you to Tracey for coming on the show and Benbella Vegan for setting up the interview.

If you’d like more information about Tracy, what she does or how you can join her FREE 21 Day Health and Fitness bootcamp you can click here.