EMB #166: Somatic Healing

Somatic Healing is a more natural approaching to improving lives. Personally I believe the world as a whole is working more toward natural approaches and that’s no different from what Jesse Hanson is doing at the Helix Healthcare Centre. The Helix Healthcare Group is a stat of the art wellness facility in Toronto Canada, that specializes in mental health, addiction and trauma resolution. Through our ground breaking programs, catalyst wellness and spectrum recovery, they connect the mind and body and create lasting change.

Jesse Hanson has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Somatic Psychology and is a doctoral candidate for Clinical Psychology. He specializes in neuroscience, somatic (body-centered) psychology and holistic healing. Trained in EMDR and other forms of cutting-edge therapies, Jesse helps clients release held trauma and negative emotions from the body and inspires them to create themselves anew. After more than decade in the field and many years as a lead therapist at Passages treatment centre in Malibu, Jesse brings his experience to the Helix Healthcare Group as Clinical Director.

somatic healing

Somatic healing with Jesse Hanson


As I mentioned in the show, I found Jesse on twitter which I’m more than grateful for. Throughout the interview I think Jesse does a great job of explaining what both he and the Helix Healthcare Group does to work with clients in a trusted environment to ‘less than conventionally’ address issues that at times we all need help with.

Jesse talked about habits and how to systematically reduce negative patterns in our lifestyle. He talked about letting go of anger, and even preventing as opposed to just treating.

From the sounds of it Jesse and the Helix Healthcare Group are doing a fantastic job of ‘treating’ to improve lifestyles as a whole.  I enjoy their whole mission or game plan if you will and what really caught my eye was “they connect the mind and body and create lasting change“. This right here resonates with me and their whole approach.

One of my favorite lines Jesse shared in his interview was ‘labels are for cans not for people’. I feel that in todays day in age, we’re so quick to label a person and not try to understand what they’ve gone through and where they’ve been. I think if ‘we’ that are so quick to judge could experience of even put ourselves in anothers’ shoes for just a moment we may be able to understand just a little more of some else’s experience in life.

One of my favorite books The Four Agreements explains how it’s usually best not to make assumptions on an individual, seems trivial but something I’m sure we could all do a better job on.


Just a quick thanks to Jesse for coming on the show. And thank you for your interest in this interview. If you’d like to follow the Helix Healthcare group on facebook you can do so here.