EMB #164: Gain Energy Naturally

How to gain energy naturally isn’t always a question on our mind but it should be. So many people grab a coffee, soda/pop or another product filled with caffeine, refined sugar and other substances ‘to wake us up’ not thinking about the crash that’s sure to come. We also don’t think about other factors in our life that I’m going to talk about today.

In this post I’m going to talk about our Environment and how important it is, mainly concerning our thoughts, words and action. I’ll talk about our emotions and stress levels; and then I’ll talk about food before I briefly end with a few words about exercise.  If you’re looking to gain energy naturally, stay with me, I’ve got tons of great information in this show.


I can’t express how important our environment is. The people that surround us are the most influential people in our lives hands down. It could be our coworkers, our family and especially friends that have the most influence. They influence the clothes we wear, how we talk, what we do; which is why it’s so important to pay attention closely to exactly who you let in your life.

You know the feeling when you talk with a coworker who always brings you down, we even have friends that makes us feel terrible but we don’t consider how draining they are to us and how they lower our quality of life. If you’re looking to gain energy naturally it would be a good idea to pay attention to who and what is draining our energy.

Gain energy naturally

Digestion plays a key role in our energy levels. We might want to pay attention to the foods we’re consuming if you have low energy.


Most of us deal with stress at some point in our day and if not certainly our lives. It’s important to pay attention to our stress levels which all goes back to environment and what’s causing our stress to accumulate. It’s not just physical stress that we’re putting on our body but emotional stress as well.  Again, if you want to gain energy naturally pay attention to your stress levels and reduce the different ways stress is weighing you down.

Thoughts, Words and Actions

Looking back at stress, considering how to gain energy naturally you’ll want to pay attention to the thoughts you think, words you use and actions you perform. This also connects directly to our environment. If you at those whom surround you pay attention to the words they use, what kind of actions do your friends perform, are you hanging out with people that will increase your energy level will positive actions, words and thoughts, or are they bringing you down and draining your energy?

Food and Energy

No doubt there is food in energy, not only that but food gives us energy. So when we’re talking about how to gain energy naturally we have to mention food. First of all I believe is the answer to most of our dis-eases, so if we properly consumed the right kind of foods we’d all be much better off, but when it comes to food many of us are still eating highly processed, packaged foods that contain preservatives like MSG, soy and corn that are basically fillers and a number of other colors and substances our bodies simply don’t recognize.

Look to whole foods and avoid processed food if you’re looking to gain energy naturally..

And lastly concerning food and energy in show #102 Rick Kohut, talked about how Digestion plays a key factor in our energy levels. Highly processed foods take more energy to digest than lighter whole foods. So it would be a good idea to consider what types of food you’re consuming and how hard it is on the digestive system.