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Increasing success in any field is what people are after, it’s the end accomplishment we strive for.  How often do you hear some say, I’m not interested in the end result, I’m doing this for the journey.  I work with people that are trying to achieve and or make a change every day.  And I’m always looking for small details as to how someone can continue increasing success or end goal.

This is continual research, something I don’t feel I’ll stop looking for anytime soon because I’ll be able to use this information in all walks of life.  As I said at the beginning, everyone is trying to achieve at something.  And of course there’s a path to success.  If you find a proven path it can be repeated; rarely exactly but if you have the basics and stick to a proven plan, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  You’ll see this proven in franchises every time you drive by one.


Finances unfortunately is one of the first things that keeps a person interested in something they’re after or increasing success financially.  I know most people say it’s not about the money, they say I want to do this for me, or money’s just paper, it doesn’t drive me.  9 times out of 10 I’m going to disagree with each one of these statements.   I’ve proven this time and again when I offered free fitness classes.  Very few people show up if any; seriously, I know hard this is to believe but this is a fact.  There’s no accountability here which I’ll get to in a second.  Another method of payment I’ve proven to be ineffective for both parties is a drop in fee.

Many times people ask me if I take drop ins.  My answer is no, not because I’m not trying to make things as difficult as possible; I do this because it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work for me because you never know if people will show up, dropping in once in awhile and it doesn’t work for the paying customer because again there is no accountability.  If someone doesn’t feel like going that day, they won’t.  If they didn’t pay and feel unmotivated they have no reason to go.  If they don’t sign up in advance there’s no clear commitment to me, the class or themselves; and although this may sound like a marketing scheme, that’s not the case at all.  I run classes because people enjoy them and because the members get the results they’re after.  If there was no positive aspect besides financial gain on my end I wouldn’t run the classes.  And the last point concerning finances, I get the direct answer when I ask a client, class member and or friend, how they were able to follow through with what they set out to accomplish.  And one of the answers every time is, ‘I after I signed up and paid the money’, I was in for the duration.

Most people hold money pretty high up on the scale and they should, most people work hard for their money, so why wouldn’t they want to get their money’s worth; who would want to get cheated or lose out on what they purchased?  The answer is simple, they don’t; which is why it’s a major contributing factor to the scope of success.

So again, fees or in this case any kind of money is a very strong motivator in widening the scope of success.  Go ahead and check out any research on money ‘bets’, it doesn’t matter if someone is wealthy or not, you’ll see a large increase when as little as $50 is on the line.


Accountability is another major factor.  Some people need someone to answer to and that’s all there is to it.  There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just how some people are.  Think about it; when we go to school, we have a teacher or principal to be accountable to; when we have a job which most of us do, we have a boss to be accountable to.  This accountability is ingrained in us since pre school, we’re taught to listen and respect authority figures.  On top of that we have our parents who at least when we were kids were accountable to.  I suppose some grown adults as still accountable to their parents but that’s another subject.

So why is this any different when we walk into a new realm or area of life.  Well, it really isn’t which is what I’m trying to get across.  This accountability to someone else is so very important in reaching goals or increasing success rates.  If you want to get a better grasp of your finances, you can’t stop spending or you’re a shopaholic; you can hire someone to take care of your finances, you can hire a life coach or you can have a banker set up automatic withdraws which of course would require less accountability but nonetheless if we’re talking about money, there is someone to be accountable there also.

If we’re talking about health and fitness and we can’t stay on track why not hire some to do that for you, that’s what they’re there for.  Can’t find the motivation to get out of bed, can’t make yourself go to a fitness class or go to a gym, then hire someone who will meet you there and who will expect you to be there when you book an appointment.  Most people show up to their appointments which is why I always recommend when making time for ourselves, to book an hour off in your calendar so you actually show up for yourself and don’t blow off that workout.

Increasing success rate

Increase your success rate with 3 simple tips



And the last subject we’re going to talk about concerning increasing success is progress or results, which goes hand in hand with everything we just went over.  We spend our hard earned money on someone to be accountable to for what?  Most of us need tangible results.  We need clear progress that our efforts, our sweat, money and sacrifices are paying off.

If you’re paying a marketing company to handle your advertising and promotions you can bet whoever is paying the bill wants to see something in return.  Is this any different in the health field, of course not.  If we’re paying someone to help us lose weight we better see that scale drop; if we’re paying someone to help us live a happier healthier lifestyle, it would be a good idea for us to start feeling better in the morning.

There are many positives when we’re talking about living healthier, starting to eat better or exercise.  Some of these aren’t measurable and some we don’t even notice like we have more energy or we’re in a better mood.  I’d imagine those around us would know more than we would, but those of us paying and sacrificing still want to know, we still want to see clear results.  The scale is rarely a good measure; in fact more times than not I recommend not weighing at all.  So many factors come into play when weighing; it could be the time of day, the time of month, the type of scale, what we ate, what we’re wearing; all these factors change what the scales says.  These could change from 1 lb to 5 and we put so much pressure on ourselves to lose that 1lb, it’s just not worth it.

I highly recommend taking progress pictures, most people shy away from these because not only do they not want to see themselves but they can’t bare the though of someone else seeing them in their worst state.  Most times, those that refuse to take progress pictures say, ‘I wish I took those pictures when we first started”.

And the last thing I’d recommend when trying to find a way to measure tangible results is a measuring tape.  Measure across your chest, waist – which is the smallest part of your torso, hips which is more so your butt and your thigh.  Use the same measuring tape all the time and try to use the same person to do the measuring, not yourself.   Keeping these factors the same will give you a more accurate reading.

So that’s pretty much it, look into these factors and you’re increase your scope of success 10 fold.  Remember finances are important, progress and results and we’ll tie all that up with accountability to someone other than yourself.  Good luck in every aspect of increasing success in your life!

What else?

What else is on this radio show, I also cover the topic of Machines vs Body weight exercises, which is better and why?  Find out in the show!


Thanks so much for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed the show.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask below.  All the best in increasing success in all parts of your life!

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