EMB #161: Will Quijada

So I recently met Will Quijida when I visited his gym and talked with both him and his brother. It didn’t take long to realize they were both regular guys. Walking into Absolute Fitness was much different than most gyms you walk into. I wouldn’t exactly call it a studio but I certainly wouldn’t call it a conventional gym either because there are no machines!

I dislike machines in every way, so at first glace I thought we have something in common. We talked for a couple hours and realized we had much more in common which is why I asked Will to join me for an interview.

I didn’t hear the whole store before but in this interview Will shares a really cool story about how he started out in Muay Thai and how he later came to represent Canada in Russia.

From full body weight exercises to whole food, Will talks about his philosophy, how he trains others and what’s going on at his local gym in Red Deer.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Will Quijada


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