EMB #600: Why Moms Aren’t Seeing Fitness Results

Why Moms Aren’t Seeing Fitness Results

Episode 600 of Exploring Mind and Body, hosted by Drew Taddia, delves into the topic of leveling up one’s fitness game, with a specific focus on the challenges faced by busy moms in achieving their desired fitness results. Drew begins by expressing gratitude for the loyal listeners and the global reach of the show. He then explains that the episode’s content was taken from one of his Facebook Live sessions, highlighting his recent acquisition of a new microphone for improved audio quality.

The majority of the show’s audience consists of busy moms, and Drew addresses their common concern of not seeing desired fitness outcomes. He explains that emotional investment is crucial for achieving results, and one key factor influencing emotional investment is financial investment. Drew emphasizes that the abundance of free fitness content online often leads people to undervalue it. Many individuals have only dabbled in fitness, trying occasional workouts or seeking advice from friends and family, without committing to a structured program or hiring a coach.

Drew emphasizes the importance of commitment and investment in achieving fitness goals. He recounts personal experiences where he provided programs to friends and family at no cost, resulting in little effort and zero results due to the lack of financial and emotional investment. Drawing parallels to top athletes, successful businesspeople, and skilled speakers, Drew highlights that the best performers in any field have coaches guiding and supporting them. He introduces the concept of “leveling up,” where increased investment correlates with greater results and improvement.

In closing, Drew encourages listeners to engage with the show’s content and visit the Facebook page to express their appreciation. Exploring Mind and Body promises an insightful and engaging discussion on what it takes to elevate one’s fitness game and overcome the challenges faced by busy moms.