EMB #599: The 48 Laws of Happiness

The 48 Laws of Happiness

Dr. Rob Carpenter – known simply as Dr. Rob – is a #1 bestselling author, UCLA faculty member, and creative leader whose goal is to empower and equip others to live their happiest, most successful, and most transformational lives. He has written the books The 48 Laws of HappinessIcons & Legends, and Red Carpet Manuscript, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and other retailers worldwide, as well as written for The Harvard Public Health Review and Oxford Business Review.

Dr. Rob has spoken or lectured at countless institutions, including South by Southwest EDU, TEDx, Harvard University’s Chan School of Public Health, the Hun School of Princeton, and maintains clients for which he delivers keynote speeches and workshops in the entertainment, business, and nonprofit fields. He has also appeared on the Hollywood shows and movies of NCIS, BallersScandalLethal Weapon, and Bird Box, and directed feature documentary films and public service announcements.

He is currently partnered with Academy Award winning producer Andrew Carlberg on a limited series television project and Emmy Award winning writer Kayona Ebony Brown on a series called “Dear Underdog.”