EMB #225: Undiet with Meghan Telpner

I had an absolute blast putting together Undiet with Meghan Telpner. As you’ll soon find out, this is a fun, upbeat type of interview as Meghan talks about how to live a healthy lifestyle through Undieting. Meghan and I have so much in common when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. From avoiding quick fixes to working toward sustainable lifestyle changes, it’s all here to help you find the lifestyle in health you’re looking for.

Who is Meghan? 

Meghan Telpner
 is a Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Her humorous, engaging and real approach to living a healthy and awesome life has garnered her a world-wide following and extensive media attention. Meghan’s Academy of Culinary Nutrition, is growing a global tribe of vibrant living advocates and her bestselling and award-winning book UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health.  Get inspired at MeghanTelpner.com.

Undiet with Meghan Telpner

Show Notes: 

  • Meghans story of Crohn’s dis-ease
  • how she healed herself
  • working for the national post
  • dealing with failure
  • how to undiet
  • ask yourself questions
  • what does your body need?
  • reclaim your power!
  • change one thing
  • less cravings 
  • be responsible and accountable
  • reduce the excuses
  • indulging is optional
  • not everything in moderation is necessary
  • the more sugar you have, the more you’ll crave ie
  • consume protein, fats and fibre in your meals
  • stay hydrated
  • become more conscious about healthy living
  • drink clean water
  • eat organic food
  • what is the one thing you can do that will make an impact on your lifestyle?
  • labels are for tin cans
  • avoid gluten, dairy and sugar


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