5/5 – Mindful Eating

In this show I have 5 tips in 5 minutes on the importance of mindful eating. This is such an important topic when considering the food we consume, where it comes from, how it’s prepared and more.  My top 5 tops below will give you a better appreciation for food and address mindful eating in a way you may not have thought of before.

5 Tips in 5 Minutes

  1. Know where your food comes from

Given that many of use have now moved from rural areas to the city, we don’t understand where food comes from like we used it. Visiting schools and day cares I have personal experience with children not knowing where food is grown or where it comes from. And you think it would be different with adults but it seems as though this simply isn’t as important as other aspects of our day to day life.

2. Grow your own Food

I know this isn’t always possible but in some cases it is and we simply don’t take the time to do so. I entirely understand it takes more time and effort when it comes to planting your own food but there really is nothing like planting, watering waiting, harvesting and consuming your own food.

The gratification, the understanding of all it takes to follow all the steps it takes. This tip right here will absolutely help you understand food on a different level.

Mindful Eating

3. Prepare and cook your own food

I understand we’re strapped for time, it’s much easier to eat out or grab something on the way home from work but when possible it’s important to start preparing your own food. First of all we don’t know where the food comes from when we don’t purchase it ourselves, we don’t know how it’s handled or treated.

Then of course you don’t know what’s added to it, how it’s prepared or what those additives will do to your body. Make time to prepare your own food, feel the confidence and sense of accomplishment but visiting the grocery store, washing your vegetables and putting everything together like an artist does as she finishes her project.

4. Enjoy your food

It’s important to enjoy your food and eat is slowly. There’s a direct correlation between being overweight and eating food too quickly. The issues is, no matter how good of quality your food is, if you eat it too quickly your body has a difficult time breaking down that food, digesting it and absorbing it, and finally burning it off as energy.

If you want to store less body fat, chew your food, enjoy it, and don’t be in a rush. Sometimes I look at my food and think about all the work my body has to do to digest that particular meal. Just thinking about it alone gives me more of an appreciation for what I’m about to consume.

5. Cook, Store and Reheat Properly 

We just went to a lot of effort to visit the grocery store, pay for quality products, prepared this food and now that it’s over with we’re not done yet.

It’s important to store your food properly in glass containers when you’re storing your food in the fridge. And then when it comes to reheating, stay away from the microwave that destroys the nutrients that will heal and energize our bodies. Use a non teflon pan on the stove, bbq or use the oven.


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