EMB #239: Toxins in Your Deodorant

Toxins in Your Deodorant with Sarah Isley is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body. I asked Sarah to come on because after designing your own clean product like Sarah has you know the ins and outs of the industry, you know the time and effort it takes to develop a product and you know the ingredients it takes to find out what works, what others are using and how you can improve on what’s out there today.

Toxins in your deodorant

Who is Sarah Isely?

We are 8 siblings raised with the philosophy that what you do to your body matters. Everything you put in or on your body either nourishes or sabotages your health. Our grandma was a pioneer in health in the 50’s and she taught us well.

Because of this legacy, health and sustainability became more than a passion for us, it’s become the only way to live. One problem has been finding products that don’t compromise beauty for health, let’s face it! they both matter.

We were unwilling to smell bad no matter what, and we could not find a natural deodorant that worked at all. We decided to make one, and make sure it worked so well that we could quit drugs (aluminum, triclosan) and still have a social life. We did it. We now hand it over to you for the same purpose.

In life we believe in being real, and really caring. Always being passionate and keeping the balance. Healthy is our lifestyle, people are our passion. More details about Sarah and her company Lone Deodorant.

Show Notes:

  • how grandma started the family into healthy living and ignited a family run chain of health food stores (LOVE this story)
  • what you surround yourself with is what your health will be
  • Vitamin Cottage to Natural Grocers
  • why to stay away from conventional deodorants
  • what toxins are in regular deodorants
  • what you put under your arms
  • toxic substances and lymph nodes


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