Nutrition of OZ

The Wizard of OZ is without a doubt my all time favourite movie which is why I wanted to talk about the Nutrition of OZ. I have a deep love for food, real food, food that naturally energizes your body; that heals, cures and prevents. I also have a deep childhood love of everything about the Wizard of OZ.

So I thought, why not put the two together? In this show I’ll be comparing the 4 main nutrients our bodies need in each and every meal, and I’ll also be matching up the similarities between the main characters of the Wizard of Oz and how they relate to one another.

nutrition of oz

Show Notes:

Dorothy – fibre and antioxidants from fruit and veggies the main character of the movie and what should be the main character of your nutrition.

The Cowardly Lion – protein and the myth behind them both.

The Tin Man – Heart Healthy Fats and how the two are related.

The Scarecrow – directly linked to carbs because carbs don’t make you fat and you need energy from them. As much energy as the scarecrow has.

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