Surround Yourself with Life

So I was sitting in my house the other day and just finished drinking a green smoothie. Then I looked to my left and on the table I noticed a new green plant I just picked up at a local farmers market. Then I saw a basil plant a friend just gave me on the window sill. Finally I thought about all the green food in the fridge, how I just made a real fruit post workout drink and how we just finished with a this Vegan Detox Challenge.

I felt like everywhere I looked I was surrounded by life. Plants, and green food and everything that represented life in some form. Then I started to think about the opposite, what didn’t represent life in my life and how I could continue to put more things in my life to make me feel more alive an vibrant.

Show Notes:

  • Labeling yourself as a ‘vegan’, vegetarian, or even gluten free type of person
  • Living a vegan lifestyle
  • Avoiding plastic bags
  • Exercise every single day
  • Surround yourself with plants
  • planting a garden
  • how the color green represents life
  • find more things in your life that represent life
  • go for a walk, run, or job outside – enjoy life and the environment outside
  • Do less things that do not represent life – computer, technology screens, negative people

Having a lack of energy means there’s a lack of life in your life

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Surround Yourself with Life


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