EMB #533: Pushing your Limits and Finding Something to be Excited About

Pushing your Limits and Finding Something to be Excited About

It’s the little things that we have to get excited about, because there’s so much stress right now, so many people are in limbo. I feel like we have to find things to look forward to. We have to find things to get excited about and it doesn’t matter what it is like, it could be the sun’s coming out a bit earlier or the Sun staying up a bit later. Whatever it is, we have to go and we have to find that positivity. And I got a little secret that I’m going to share with you. It’s not really a secret, but I’m looking at snowmobiles, so I have a motorcycle.

I usually post pictures in the summertime or in the spring. If I’m here I love to ride my motorcycle. I’ve been riding my bike for 20 years and I’ve never really thought about snowmobiles. I never really thought about snow because I’m a summer person. I like to go to the beach or like to get away from the snow. So I’ve been looking at snowmobiles and I’ve been talking to people about snowmobiles. But here’s the thing, is that I don’t like the winter. Like, I really dislike the winter, and I do just about anything to get away from the winter. So I understand that you have to give yourself something to look forward to, like we work all the time. 

I’m a workaholic, I work from when I get up to when I go to sleep, but we all need hobbies and something like we like to go hiking. We actually made it a plan like consciously said once a week. Every week we’re going to go away and get outside. We’re going to go for a little hike or we’re going to go for a walk, not just a little walk. We’re going to drive somewhere because there’s so many beautiful places around that we take for granted, and that’s something that’s been helpful to look forward to throughout the week. But we have to look forward to something. 

So I was kind of messing around. I was like, Well, if I’m sticking around this this winter, I want something to look forward to. And it’s still like, I don’t have it yet. And the winter has been here for a couple of months here. So I’m still working on the snowmobile thing. But for me, some people like to turn their nose up and they’re like, Oh, you don’t have time for that? Or where are you going to take it? Or why would you do that? Just really odd. It has nothing to do with someone else. Do you know what I mean? Like, if you want to do something like if something excites you, then people should encourage you to do something. I feel instead of being like, Oh, looking for reasons why? That’s not a good idea. It’s terribly odd, but I think you have to be careful with who you share your excitement with.

You have to be careful who you share your goals with, who you share your new things with because people will put you down, and that’s why people don’t share goals. You got to share your goals. You gotta make it public. Friends can possibly put you down. But it’s so odd to me, like it has nothing to do with them. They should be like, Go on that, go join that gym, go join that fitness group. Go like you should encourage them. But I feel like people feel like you’re leaving them behind or you’re doing things exciting and they’re not doing anything exciting. There’s a number of different reasons why people don’t encourage you, but I think it’s really sad when you and your friends or people that are supposed to be your friends don’t try to encourage you. And I think we have to go out and find those types of people.