EMB #534: What it’s Like to be on a Movie Set

What it's Like to be on a Movie Set

Today I’m going to talk about being on a movie set, and it was actually pretty cool. So what happened was they tell you at the very last minute and I don’t know if that’s because they’re so busy or because of privacy reasons. But we actually applied to go to the one that they were filming in Didsbury. 

All they said was, we are looking for extras, send in pictures, which is a bit odd because I feel like they’re just looking for bodies like, I don’t think it matters what you look like, although it would be flattering to believe or think that you got on because maybe you’re good looking. But I think that’s a stretch. I think they’re just looking for bodies. 

So you need someone that has a flexible job or doesn’t have a job, someone that doesn’t have kids or can bring their kids with them. And you need someone close enough and then you need someone that can sit there all day and do nothing.

It almost sounds prestigious, but it’s not. And I’m only saying that because, and I don’t mean like, it’s really cool and it’s unique and it’s different and interesting. But I think that all they need is bodies and people to stand there, and to be a hundred percent honest with you, that’s just my perspective. It could be wrong. I don’t want to downplay it. It was definitely a cool experience. 

But they did ask me, they said, well, you shave your mohawk, and I was like, Do I have to? And then they said, yes, it was filmed in the 80s, like 80s theme, so it wasn’t too many people with mohawks. They don’t let you wear any jewelry. So no jewelry of any kind for obvious reasons and people take their glasses off. It was really cool. 

What was most interesting to me is I’ll be on set and I’m watching the actors and watching the extras. I’m watching the film crew and it was really cool for me to see the behind the scenes and pay attention to every single detail. And that’s what they do. And it sounds funny because earlier I was, I played professional sports and everyone wants to be in the limelight. Everyone wants to be the one. They want to be the star. Well, for me, the behind the scenes was way more interesting. 

So let me tell you the process. This is my first experience. You have to do things a few times before you can feel the energy in the people, but here is what I can tell you about it.