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On this show I wanted to talk about how I was able to extend a few pleasurable moments I had over the holidays with loved ones by living in the moment.

I link both Anxiety and Depression to living in the past and future when our answer is living in the moment. I truly believe we can avoid the slipperly slope of medication if we look to living in the moment instead of the past or future.

There are so many benefits to life by living in moment. Just think about it for a second. If you want a moment to last, if you want to appreciate every single detail, every noise, every sight, every feeling, why are we thinking about the past? Why are we thinking about the future?

As I explain in this show I personally had thoughts of, ‘wow, what a wonderful time, how we do this again’, then I thought, ‘why haven’t we done this before’. And finally I thought, if this moment is so pleasurable why am I thinking about the past and future instead of appreciating right now?

living in the momentIf you’re ever been around or even had a conversation with someone that is chronically depressed you’d understand when I say their mind set is in the past. Their thoughts, what they remember, even where they live in the present is very much in what happened to them earlier in life.

This is the exact opposite when it comes to anxiety. When we’re anxious about something our mindset is in the future. You might think or hear thoughts like, ‘well what if this happens’, ‘what if so and so says that’, ‘what if I show up and this happens’. There’s all kinds of mind clutter going on in brains which is causing our anxiety and driving us crazy.

If we could take just a moment to appreciate right now, no matter what’s going on, what you have to do or what happened to you, you’d be able to appreciate life on a different level. True happiness without any distractions.

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