14 Day Private Group Detox

This 14 Day Private Group Detox is pay-what-you-can! What does that mean?

So it’s been awhile since my last group detox, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to share with you we’re launching another 14 DAY PRIVATE GROUP DETOX this month! This is actually called the 14 Day Pay-what-you-can-Stress-Detox.

Why “pay what you can”? Because I know Christmas was difficult on a lot of your pocket books, and I want everyone to have a chance at group atmosphere detox. I also know people are out there paying thousands for schemes, pills and weight loss powders and that’s not what I’m about. Most of those are about your money and that’s me.

This meal plan is a lifestyle meal plan, we’ll cover everything you put on your body to what you put in your body. I’ll teach you how to grocery shop, what ingredients to look for and how to prepare whole foods yourself (we’ll have recipes and grocery shopping lists for you).

Everyone should have a chance at a reset, at a real detox that’s not harmful and that won’t have you back to your old habits within a couple days of completion. 

There really is no excuses here. If you can afford more you can pay more, if you can’t you’re more than welcome and no one’s going to judge or even know what you pay.

It’s a brand new year, it’s time to get started the proper way, with a little guidance and group support. I’ll help you gain natural energy, sleep better, drop inches (which is a by product of a healthy lifestyle) and give you that boost you’re looking for to carry you past the 3 week of New Year Resolutioners.

We start Jan 18th and we’re only taking 20 spots! What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together.

14 day private group detox