EMB #175: Interview with Ben Greenfield

I’m pretty excited to have an interview with Ben Greenfield for this edition of Exploring Mind and Body. Ben is Author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training“, he was nominated by the NSCA as America’s top personal trainer, and in 2013, and was voted as one of the top 100 most influential individuals in health and fitness.

And all that isn’t including Ben as a family with with a wife at home (who cooks up some deliciously health meals) and twin boys. Needless to say we very much appreciate the time that was taken aside for an interview with Ben Greenfield.

interview with Ben Greenfield

Show Notes

  • How Ben got into the Health and Wellness field
  • His holistic background and how it was influenced by his wife
  • Mushroom book Ben is reading and what’s interesting about it
  • What Ben’s training philosophy is and how we works with his clients
  • The Smoothie he was making during the interview and what was in it
  • How you can research and improve your health through your own DNA and linking back to your ancestors
  • The site Ben recommend to visit to check your DNA to help improve your health is DNA Fit

I hope you enjoy this interview with Ben Greenfield, he certainly knows a lot about health and nutrition and there’s much to learn from this interview.

Thanks again Ben for joining us on Exploring Mind and Body!

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