How to increase fitness motivation

Finding motivation is always a hot topic which is why I wanted to talk about how to increase fitness motivation. The truth of the matter is, motivation isn’t always there which is why it’s so important to use that motivation and ride the wave when it is there.

In this post I’m going go over 5 tips to increase your motivation today! All you have to do is take action. It’s easy to think about it, even talk about it, but putting these tips into action is the real challenge and will be exactly where you’ll see results. So let’s get started!

how to increase fitness motivation

Setting Goals

Set a short 5 or 10 day challenge

Or you could try our FREE 10 Day Fitness Challenge here.


Find a Workout Partner

Record in a Success Journal

Plan an Event or Vacation

Track Your Progress


Finding a Motivating Environment

Using Momentum

A Coach or Partner

Mastermind Group

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