EMB #132: Holistic Performance

Holistic performance is the topic today on Exploring Mind and Body which is a subject I very much enjoy talking about.  Usually we have holistic nutritionists come on the show and talk more about food, sometimes supplements and express how beneficial supplementing your body correctly is but concerning the physical approach, this is a subject we haven’t touched on before in an interview.  Today I invited Mischa Harris on the show who talks about how he got into more of a holistic approach and where his beliefs come from in teaching from a Holistic performance angle.

Holistic Performance with Mischa Harris

Holistic Performance with Mischa Harris

With the success that a holistic model of training brings, Mischa has found a niche as a “problem solver”, and relishes the opportunity to work with complex cases, athletes or non-athletes, of all ages.

Mischa also serves as the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Volleyball Canada Centres of Excellence and is the founder and head coach of Sideout Beach Volleyball Club, Vancouver’s only high-performance beach club.


  • Learn more about Mischa, about his athletic career what caused him to start his own company at a young age and how he got into coaching.
  • What contributes to performance
  • Why isn’t all training methods the same for each athlete?
  • Injuries and how they stem from emotional aspects of life
  • Addressing all parts of your lifestyle as an athlete not just physical performance
  • Skill, capacity, stability, mobility, health

In Conclusion

I really enjoyed this interview with Mischa, I worked with him distantly for a couple years now under the Team Canada Sports and Conditioning Volleu team and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of that  team.  Many times you work for an organization or under certain levels of hierarchy and it seems like most sitting at the top only want to enforce what they think is right which certainly isn’t the case with Mischa.  As he talks about how not all programs even for the same team should be designed for the same athlete this is no different from how he runs the coaches at difference facilities around the country which only increases the success of each centre.

It was also great to hear someone else that has similar beliefs.  I’ve always felt injuries from within, meaning if you’re having an issue at home or with management as an athlete, basically anything stressful sooner or later shows up on your body as an injury.  So I was happy to hear Mischa was in agreement with that.  And lastly how Mischa talks about addressing emotional aspects and other parts of a person’s or athlete’s life as the whole picture instead of only focusing on helping an athlete getting bigger, stronger or fast.  We both agree that you need the entire picture, meaning emotional as well to get the best out of an individual.

Thank you

Just a quick thank you to Mischa for coming on the show, I know he has a full schedule and a lot going on so it was great to have him with us and giving our listeners his perspective on holistic performance.  And of course I’m always grateful to you out there, those that listen, read, comment and share, you all make this worth while, you make the show what it is so thank you for that.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.  And if you’d like to get a hold of Mischa or would like more information about him you can check out his facebook page or his website (where he also has more information about some of the topics we covered).

Thanks so much everyone, all the best in improving your holistic performance!