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Food like substances is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  There are so many ‘food’ like substances out there, ‘foods’ that are flooded the grocery stores we shouldn’t be consuming, are hard to digest and aren’t necessarily recognized by the body.  It’s important to talk about these foods, it’s important to let people what these toxins and sugar and so much more are doing to our bodies.  So that’s exactly what we talk about in today’s show, we cover what types of foods we have as options in the grocery store, where to buy your food even what happens when transporting food from other countries and the benefits from buying local.  A couple other topics we focus on is toxins (and what foods to stay away from) as well as enzymes and what foods can you better digest and absorb nutrients.

I asked Kameron Tarry from Avena Originals to come on and talk about this subject, so here’s more about him:

The Managing Director of Avena Originals, Kameron has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 15 years. His passion for learning about alternative health came at the young age of 16 as he watched his own mother slowly fade before his eyes with Lupus. Through natural therapy using whole foods and powerful supplementation she blossomed with new and vibrant health. Since then he’s dedicated himself to learning different ways to promote health & well being. He continues to dive deep into the world of natural health products and therapeutic diets like raw foods. He is dedicated to find the best ways to achieve lasting health for his customers & family.

food like substances

Kameron Tarry from Avena Originals

I very much enjoyed Kam’s story as he talked about how he got into whole food nutrition and the reason being his mother was diagnosed with Lupus, after the medical profession didn’t have an answer for her health the family turned to the advice of cleaning up their diet and looking more to whole food.  You can hear Kam go into more details on the show.

When I first met Kam he welcomed me into their shop, showed me around the facility and all the while talked to me about wholefood.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing for the most part, it was like he was saying everything that I believe in so I’m so happy we were able to book him on the show so you can hear from a different perspective how much whole food can improve your life.

Main Topics

Toxins in Food

  • Read labels

– tons of non food items in products, full of preservatives all directed towards keeping products on the shelves

– pay attention to where your produce comes from, many produce products contain preservatives so they stay fresh  traveling so far

– toxins are stored in fat cells, pancreas and liver as well as organs, tissues and glands

Tips to Avoid Toxins

  • Buy local products
  • Eliminate packaged processed foods
  • increase the amount of water you’re drinking

The importance of Enzymes

What are enzymes?  The short answer:  They help break down food into liquid.

  • Food high in enzymes: Papaya, pineapple, raw fruits and veggies
  • Look to food that will spoil the fastest

 Thank You

Just want to say a quick thank you to Kameron for coming on the show.  Anyone that’s working with wholefood and has similar beliefs, I’m always happy to work with and support.  I very much enjoy our converstaions about food and I’ll look forward to having Kam back on.  To our listeners out there, thank you for your support, thanks for your comments, questions and downloads.  You all keep us moving forward, the show improving and gives us the motivation we need to carry on with the show.

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