EMB #139: Importance of Detoxifying

Importance of Detoxifying is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body.  Today I brought on Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut aka the Good Food Guy who has certainly been on the show before.

Rick previously talked about:

There are all shows jam packed with quality information and today is no different.  The importance of detoxifying is a popular topic however I think you’ll find a slightly different approach when listening to Rick and I talk about this one.

Importance of Detoxifying starts with food

Importance of Detoxifying starts with food

Show Notes:

  • What are toxins and why should we be concerned?
  • #1 Barrier in Weight Loss
  • #! Factor in Dis-ease
  • The dangers of a high toxic load
  • Top 5 Detoxifying Foods
  • Simple suggestions that you can do now to detox
  • 10 Days of detoxing

Special Gift to our listeners:

Rick was gracious enough to offer a pdf to help you start cleansing and detoxing with food right away.  You can click on the link below to have your own copy!

Nine Super Cleansing Foods

Thank you

Just a special thank you for Rick to coming on the show and being such a big support of everything that we do, from Health Street’s sponsor of Exploring Mind and Body to the support of Complete  Truth Protein, I can’t thank you enough.

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