EMB #123: Holiday Weight loss Tips

Holiday weight loss tips is this episodes topic on Exploring Mind and Body.  Now, this isn’t a topic I usually cover, it seems that everyone is talking about weight loss in some way.  I don’t sell any gimmicks and I don’t preach weight loss, I focus on lifestyles and I really believe weight loss, or trimming inches is a by product of living a healthy lifestyle.

I did want to cover this topic because it’s hard to keep weight off during the holiday season in fact Rick (who I’ll introduce shortly) shared this staggering tip with us:  Researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging discovered that 51% of annual weight gain occurs during the holiday season.  A National Institutes of Health study also showed that holiday weight gain is usually not lost during the spring or summer months.

Now this is hard to believe, in a way that’s believable.  We don’t think about the repercussions of the stress we put on our bodies on a daily basis but think about just this time frame, just the holidays and how much stress we put our bodies through.  Concerning weight gain, we put our bodies through so much turmoil with the food choices, the quote above proves that often we keep that weight on for the rest of the year!

The truth of the matter is, there is a healthy way to go about losing weight over the holidays or more particularly not gaining it.  We don’t need conventional fat burning supplements and we don’t need to purchase the late infomercial piece of exercise equipment.  I wanted to show you there’s a healthy way to go about watching your weight over the holidays so I brought on Rick Kohut, Holistic Nutritionist to offer you some holiday weight loss tips.

Rick’s the owner of Health Street (a health and wellness retail store) and local farmer and has offered information on other topics right here on Exploring Mind and Body that include:  Is organic food healthier and Digestion.

Ricks covers the following topics on the show:

Pay attention to HOW YOU EAT more so than WHAT YOU EAT!

Eat when RELAXED and HAPPY, not when your STRESSED

Eat Slowly

Delay the DESSERT!

We always appreciate Rick taking the time to come on the show.  I hope you enjoyed these Holiday Weight Loss Tips, we really can make better choices for our body and we can take small steps especially during the holiday season to take care of our health.  If you have any questions please ask below.  If you’d like to read Ricks detailed blog post on this subject you can click here.  All the best to you and yours over this holiday season!


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