Detoxify with Dr. Nicola Bird

On this edition of Exploring Mind and Body we’re flipping the script here and it’s my turn to be interviewed. Dr. Nicola Bird reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to be interview on her show. So needless it say it’s an absolute please be asked to guest on someone else’s show.


detoxify with dr nicola bird

The topic of this discussion is Reducing Stress through Detoxing the body. As you might know, I love to talk about this subject. I truly believe our bodies are incredibly stressed out due to the amount of toxins we’re putting in, on and surrounding ourselves with.

As you’ll hear in the interview I reference Detoxify Yourself which is the book I wrote so you have a better idea of how to avoid toxins, prepare toxic free food, avoid toxic cosmetics and even to pay attention to a toxic environment which certainly plays a factor in our stress levels.

Detoxify Yourself is a 30 day meal plan all free of gluten, diary, soy and gmo’s. It has recipes, grocery shopping lists and meal plans for the entire 30 days.

You’ll also hear me tell Dr. Bird how to reach the subconscious level and really dig deep to what stresses we’ve internalized and pushed deep down this is causing all types of different stresses on our bodies.

Hope you enjoy the show!

And a special thank you to Dr. Bird for having me on, giving me a chance to share my story and reach her audience as well.

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