Morning Nutrition

Morning nutrition is one of the most significant factors to live a healthy lifestyle, hands down. Unfortunately so many of us don’t consider food or nutrients in the morning as being a priority. So I sat down and put this post/show together to help you understand how important morning nutrition is.

Think about how long it was sine the last time you ate, think about how our bodies burn food (nutrients/calories) for energy and then think about how little energy you have in the morning, maybe wake up grumpy or lethargic and aren’t really looking forward to starting your day.

Our health in large part (healthy or not) is based around morning nutrition. Think about how much of a difference it would make in your life if you woke up and put good nutrients in your body. Instead the majority of our civilization has nothing in the morning or hits the closes coffee shop for a pastry and coffee putting all kinds of toxins in it that we’ll be consuming.

Morning Nutrition

If you flip the script just for a moment and put something quality in your body first thing in the morning, think about how beneficial this could be. First all you feel like you’ve accomplished something first thing in the morning, you have confidence, walk a little taller and more than anything, want to make healthier decisions all day long because you started your day out right.

I know many people say, ‘I can’t eat in the morning’. Think about the other side of the coin. Do you think a healthier person would be able to not eat till 10 am or even noon? Do you think a healthy person could put low quality food in their body and function properly?

We’ve all developed habits, which means these habits can be reinforced, changed or completely different if we so choose. I’d highly recommend considering your morning nutrition in the morning if you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle.  This simple action of putting nutrients in your body first think could change your life.

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