CrossFit Games Experience

In this show I talk about my Crossfit Games Experience. It was pretty cool staying in an area where they were holding part of the games. It wasn’t actually planned and to be honest I didn’t even know they were having them here until I saw them setting up for the games a day early.

The truth is I’m not a CrossFit fanatic. I don’t know tons about the sport, but it does interest me. I like the competition aspect, I like some of the movements and I like the community built around health and fitness.

Seemingly by coincidence I had my first Crossfit experience at a local gym only a few days before the games. And being at the event, actually witnessing live and in person how in shape the athletes where, how difficult the workouts where and much excitement there is around the sport is really something to see.

crossfit games experience

Show Notes:

  • what it’s like to watch the CrossFit games
  • what it’s like to see the athletes in person
  • workout out in a crossfit gym
  • changing your workouts
  • trying new things regarding fitness

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