EMB #203: 10 Year Old Leah Holloway 4

I could be more excited to have 10 year old Leah Holloway on Exploring Mind and Body as a guest interview for this episode. Leah has actually been listening to the show for years, if you could imagine! Leah is my youngest guest AND youngest listener.

Words don’t describe what it means to to know I’m reaching a younger generation with this show and with what I’m doing. Having long time listeners also means a lot so to have both in one is really something.

Leah joins me in the studio with her mother and sister which is pretty cool in it’s own rights to have most of the family talk about what it’s like to listen to the show, raise healthy children and even work towards a healthy lifestyle.

10 year old leah holloway

Show Notes:

  • making time to listen to the show
  • evening tea in show preparation
  • Leah’s love of animals
  • Leah’s concern for the environment
  • being a self learner
  • why listen at such a young age
  • raising children in a healthy manner
  • reducing electronics

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4 thoughts on “EMB #203: 10 Year Old Leah Holloway

  • Mary Ann

    Just listened to your interview with Leah Holloway….wonderful show, what an excellent young speaker, really enjoyed your interview with the family.

      • Leah

        Hi drew, this is Leah. I was just listening to my interview and I was laughing at myself and how young I was. I hope one day I can come in again for another interview because it meant a lot to me. Thanks for having me in there 3 years ago lol

        • Drew Taddia Post author

          Hi Leah! Yes of course I’d love to have you back on the show for an interview. It would be very interesting to hear how much you’ve grown from that first interview to the next. Thanks so much for the message and I hope you’re still enjoying the show!