EMB #129: Bulimia and eating disorders

Bulimia and eating disorders is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  This is an important topic to cover because I’d imagine more people have an eating disorders than we’re aware of.  I’m sure this is much more of a problem than we really know.  Concerning bulimia, this is condition where (as I found out in the interview) your weight doesn’t change like Anorexia, so for the most part it would be very hard to tell just by looking at someone if they have bulimia or not.

I invited Lindsey Dietz on today show who knows first hand what bulimia is about and how to deal with it.  I’ve known Lindsey for quite awhile as one of my fitness class members and to be quite honest with you, I had no idea she struggled with Bulimia.  We were talking about it one day so I asked her if she’d like to talk about it on air.  To my surprise she agreed and that’s how we got here today.

I really don’t think there’s a substitute for experience; you can read books and research and talk about a subject as much as you want but if you haven’t actually been through it it’s difficult to truly understand where a person is coming from, whatever the condition or topic.  So that’s why I asked Lindsey to come on as an expert, as someone who’s been through the ups and downs and has found success through the topic of bulimia and eating disorders.

I thought this would be a perfect interview because I had/have absolutely no experience in dealing with eating disorders so my questions and perspective would come from you, the listen who doesn’t much about the subject either and the flip side of the coin is Lindsey the expert talking about her experiences who would be able to resonate directly with our listens that may need some help or direction in getting whatever eating disorder they may have.

Lindsey was kind enough to share her outline with us that she brought into the studio….

Bulimia and Eating Disorders Outline:


–          Pretty much defined as “starving yourself”.

–          In most cases, starts with teenage girls striving to be a certain weight.

–          Becomes an obsession. Constantly checking weight, shape and appearance.


Bulimia (My personal struggle)

–          Binging & purging (getting rid of)


How it began

–          Not image related but rather the inability to say “no”

–          Overeating, feeling bloated & stuffed leading to purging (vomiting, laxatives)

–          Skewed mentality. “This is great…I can indulge and then just get rid of it”

Side Effects


–          Unable to eat or digest food (stomach shrinks)

–          Unhealthy skin & hair

–          Weight gain (easier to hide than anorexia)

–          Puffy face (the salivary glands in your cheeks swell up)

–          Feeling weak & having little energy

–          Damage to teeth & gums (losing the enamel on your teeth through vomiting)


–          Guilt

–          Mood swings

–          Constantly thinking of food (obsession)

–          Social situations became stressful & caused anxiety

Why I decided to get help

–          Tired of living in bondage to food

–          Wanting to start a family

My journey to healing

  1. 1.       Being honest with myself

–          Knowing my limits & creating boundaries

  1. 2.       Accountability

–          Having at least one person that I was completely honest with.

  1. 3.       Physical Exercise

–          Gym membership (prioritize & sacrifice)

  1. 4.       Learning about Food & Nutrition

–          Cooking classes & seminars

–          Online Newsletters

–          Surrounding myself with those who strive for better quality food & health

Where I am today


–          Social freedom (Christmas parties, dinning out …)

–          Ability to enjoy food and not feel guilty

–          “I CAN have this… but I’m CHOOSING not to”


–          Lost weight

–          More energy

–          Able to train for a MARATHON!!!!!

Bulimia and eating disorders

A happy and healthy Lindsey!

I want to thank Lindsey for coming on the show and being so open and honest about such a serious and personal subject.  As you’ll hear in the interview this is the first time Lindsey has actually publically shared and openly talked about what she went through.  What you’ll also hear in the interview and what’s most inspiring to me is there is light at the end of the tunnel, you can deal with bulimia and eating disorders and we show that on the show with Lindsey as she talks about being happy and healthy and as she puts ‘in the best shape of her life’, which is so great to hear.  I couldn’t be happier for you Lindsey.

Lindsey has also offered her personal email address for anyone who may be looking for some support, maybe accountability to stay true to yourself and stay on track and if nothing else offer valuable advise coming from someone that has been through what others have in eating disorders.

I hope you enjoy the show, I hope you realize this is a very real topic that can take over the lives of those we love and care about and we may not even know it.  And finally that you’re not alone if you’re going through something like this, there are people out there that can help. that have been through what you’re going through and are more than willing to help.

If you’d like to reach out to Lindsey her email address is: lindseypoff@gmail.com