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Pick your yoga practice is today’s topic on Exploring Mind and Body.  This is a great topic because there are so many different types of yoga, but how do you know which is best for you?  More importantly, how do you know all the different types.  Well, we have a treat for you today on the show, we’ve invited Meagan McCrary who is a yoga instructor and author of Pick  Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Types of Yoga.  Meagan also teaches for Equinox sports clubs, works one on one with the entertainment industries professionals and also holds workshops and retreats.  So as you can tell we certainly have an expert to help us better understand how to pick your yoga practice.

pick your yoga practice by Meagan McCrary

Pick your yoga practice by Meagan McCrary

Questions we covered during the interview:

What is yoga, what’s the shortest most informative answer for this question?

What are some of the main benefits of yoga?

Do you have a favorite yoga practice or even pose?

Why did you decided to write this book?

What was the hardest part about writing the book?

Are most yoga instructors seasoned in all different types of yoga?

Whats your favorite part of the book?

pick your practice

The cover of pick your practice

Thanks so much for coming on the show Meagan, it was an abolute please to meet and talk with you.  I hope our listeners and readers out there have a better understanding of yoga and how it can benefit your lifestyle.  If you’re looking for a book to help figure out what yoga practice is best for you, pick your practice would be idea to get you started off on the right food.

Meagan offers a number of different options directed towards your yoga needs which includes workshop, retreats and more.  If you’re interested in learning more about Meagan you can do so here.

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