Behind the Scenes with Lou Corona

This is the behind the scenes version of my off air conversation with Lou Corona. He almost offers more content off air than on which is why I wanted to share it with you. Lou offer such great content from how he got started to healing people from dis-ease.

I thought it was cool how Lou talks about when got started no one would listen to him. I feel like all of us just starting out in the health industry feels the same way which is an important message to share. If every quit or gave up because no one would listen to them when they first started out you wouldn’t have people like Lou positively influencing lives at the level he is.

I did edit the show although I’d say it’s a little less than the professional format you may be used to. So again this is the conversation Lou and I had before and after we talked about Lou Corona’s 4 Principles of Holistic Health.




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