EMB #138: At home workouts and nutrition

At home workouts and nutrition is something I want to talk about because many people simply don’t like going to the gym, feel uncomfortable in that atmosphere, some can’t afford it and others can’t find the time (or don’t make time rather).  Well I’m here to tell you at home workouts and nutrition is another option if that better suits you; you don’t need a gym, you don’t need to pay a monthly membership and you can save time by working out right at home.  I add the ‘and nutrition’ because I want to help you reach all your health and fitness goals and without the nutrition component it will be very hard for you to achieve what you’re after.

As discussed in the intro I’m going to go over some very simple at home workouts, functional exercises that you don’t need equipment for, all you need is your body because that’s what we’ll be using for resistance.  I’ll cover some tools that will help you be more efficient and to help you change it up because who wants to be doing the same workouts all the time?  And then I’ll cover some basic nutrition tips, maybe throw in a simple smoothie recipe to help you get started on the right foot.


How to get started?

So the very first thing I want to explain is how to get started if you’re not regularly working out or if you haven’t been involved in a workout program before.  Small steps are sustainable steps, they are positive progressions that are lasting.  The biggest mistake I see for the most part is people that tell me, I’m an all or nothing type of person, I either do it every day or I don’t do it.  I hear this all the time and I’ve got to tell you, this is a mistake.  Most people that say those exact words are the people that go through yoyo diets, they start a program for a week or two and stop, they start making healthy meals and then as quickly as they started, they’re back to their regular eating habits.

You know what the thing is, many people are trying the same thing over and over again, they believe they’re all or nothing so that’s how they tried to workout in the past, 100% or nothing.  So they get exhausted by not being shape for the workout they just put their body through, then they are mentally intimidated because they don’t want to do something as difficult as that again.

It’s simply a myth to believe ‘no pain no gain’, workouts don’t have to be miserable, you don’t have to workout till exhaustion, you don’t have to put yourself through a crueling workout to get any results; especially, especially at the very beginning.  This is a recipe for disaster so let’s try something new, let’s try something different.  What I was getting at previously when I said change your approach and when some people believe they are all or nothing and that’s the only way; we have to try different things to see what works for us, just because we’re all or nothing in most parts of the things we do in live doesn’t mean that’s the same with workouts.  There’s a reason it hasn’t been working for you for so long,  There’s a reason you are where you are, and many people are a little overweight, don’t have the energy they’d like and aren’t comfortable in their own body.

If what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working don’t quit, try something different.

So many times we’re banging on the front door, over and over again we’re trying the same way to get in the house, like the front door is the only option, while all the while the back doors is swinging wide open.  Open your mind to new possibilities, increase your vision as you increase your scope of success and understand there is more than one way to reach the health and fitness goals you’re after.

Why choose at home workouts over the gym?

Alright, now that we’ve got the beginning out of the way let’s talk about why it’s a good idea to workout at home.  I understand there could be drawbacks as well, I know very well there are more distractions at home but I’m talking about the people that feel very uncomfortable in a gym, they think everyone is watching them, they think people are judging them and for just about every reason they can think of, they stay away.  There’s nothing wrong with this in fact many people feel the same way, many people that regularly visit the gym feel uncomfortable too.   Let me tell you a little secret that might help you hit the gym after you get started yourself at home.

Those people that live in the gym, many are more insecure that you are.  The muscle heads that grunt and flex in front of the mirror, they’re insecure; the hot girl that keeps to herself but wears those bright shoes and tank tops, she’s insecure; the athletes….well they’re a different breed but they’re usually busy not working out anyways so you don’t have to worry about them.

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I know it’s hard to believe but people really aren’t looking at you in the gym, seriously many people are very insecure so they’re so busy worry about themselves they don’t have time to think about you, and the guys in the tiny that clothes are too busy looking in the mirror to watch you perform your improper squat which what I’m getting at is, all in your mind.  In fact, I think if you got to know a few people in the gym, if you asked for help, you’d find very helpful people willing to offer you a hand weather it’s with a machine or with an exercise.

Feel comfortable working out

I want to help you feel more comfortable in your own body though, I want to help you reach some goals you’ve set for yourself and I want get you working out at home first so don’t worry about the gym.  Many people simply don’t make time for the gym so they use that as an excuse, notice I said ‘don’t make time’, we all have the same hours in the day, we all could make time if we so choose.

I could give you a hundred examples of people that should have far less time than you that still make it happen, so the time faction which is an excuse more than anything is the most frequent one  used around me which simply doesn’t fly.  When it comes down to it we make time for the priorities in our life so the only question is, is your health a priority?

The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about any of that, we’re going to save you driving time to and from the gym, we’ll save you prep time because you don’t have to get all fancy for the gym.  So what else are we going to do for you, well money is also a reason some people don’t go to the gym; so you’ll be saving a ton of money on a monthly membership, you’ll be saving money on trendy clothes and brand new shoes mostly so we don’t feel out of place in the gym, however if you ask me, the one wearing the brightest clothing is often the most insecure but I think we already went over that.  We’ll save you gas to and from the gym and finally time is money now isn’t it, so we’ll save you time as well.  Going over this list, I don’t know why anyone goes to the gym at all :).


This is only the introduction to the show, I go over many more tips all directed towards at home workouts in the show, some include:

  • Example of exercises and how to perform them
  • How to perform functional exercises
  • How to increase metabolism, burn body fat and tone up
  • How to get started with proper nutrition at home
  • Smoothie example

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