EMB #531: The Importance of Managing Stress Levels

The Importance of Managing Stress Levels

When it comes to reducing stress, there’s no system in our body like all of our organs do. One of my favorite things about the body and how it’s designed is how our bodies have a giant defense mechanism. So when you’re doing weights, let’s say you’re doing curls, for example, your body puts a certain amount of stress on your biceps as you curl to help them grow back bigger next time. So if you put that same amount of stress on it, it’ll be able to handle that same movement in motion.

Of course, many of us may know that you always want to change up your workouts and it’s called muscle confusion so your body doesn’t adapt and change which is called the plateau in the fitness world. 

And you can stop seeing results, which is why we change your workouts up every time. They’re always a different order or a different set or different exercise. And so because of that, we won’t keep wanting to continue to change the different stresses we’re putting in our body in a good way. So you could argue that you’re putting stress on your heart and lungs, for example, when you’re working out. 

But that’s good stress. This stress that we’re talking about today isn’t necessarily, well, certainly isn’t good stress. So the defense mechanism of the body is, you know, when you work out your heart and lungs, for example, they get stronger. They are able to take on more stress than they are able to make your body healthier for a number of different reasons. But when we look at the different organs or different functions of our body, we don’t have an actual pump. It’s like our lymph nodes don’t actually have a pump to help us detox out of our body. We have to do things like exercise or like I’ve read, those vibration machines work really well for that or bouncing on a trampoline like that would help clear out your lymph nodes, for example.

And you know, what’s interesting is that your lymph nodes are in your brain, and when you sleep, those lymph nodes detox through your sleep. So that’s pretty interesting too, at least for me. But what I’m saying is that when it comes to stress, there’s nothing in our body, there’s no organ or there’s no function that will naturally reduce stress. 

Like when we’re breathing, you don’t consciously breathe. You’re not like, “Ok. Don’t forget to breathe.” You may never get to. You may forget to take deep breaths, especially when you’re stressed out. But there’s nothing that says that in your brain, you have to continue to breathe. It’s a natural function. 

So when it comes to stress in our body, we don’t have any natural function. We don’t have any organ that’s like, OK, that continues to pump or continues to work to reduce stress. So the problem is that we continue to raise our stress levels and then we get stressed out and then we lose our mind. And then all kinds of crazy things happen to our bodies while we’re stressed out and we don’t do anything to reduce that stress.