EMB #401: The Art of Reciprocation 2

There really is an Art to Reciprocation. Some may feel like it’s common sense, but it’s really not. Most people don’t reciprocate for many reasons.

Maybe they don’t know how, maybe they don’t know they aren’t. Maybe they don’t know they’re in a one way relationship and can’t figure out why they have issues developing life long friends or why they struggle with co-workers or business relationships.

Reciprocation comes in many forms and it shows up in every day life no matter where you look. My point is, we need to reciprocate. We need to stop only thinking of ourselves and consider how someone else is doing, what they day is like and how we can help improve their day as well as ours. 

Friends, family, intimate relationships, business connections…whatever you’re looking to improve when it comes to a relationship, consider reciprocation at the root cause.

We are either reciprocating or we aren’t.


The Art of Reciprocation

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2 thoughts on “EMB #401: The Art of Reciprocation

  • Gennette Huber

    Thank you for this reminder, Drew! I’ve been listening to your show and this topic has really been coming up for me lately. For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing the word “reciprocity” and to me it means I need to remember that balance we want to achieve within the relationships in our lives. Equal giving and receiving. Up until recently, I had a tendency to over give of myself and my energy to others in my work, yet at the same time I could be resistant to accepting help in my own life. I thought if I put off any offer of help it meant that I was strong and independent but it also prevented me from allowing intimacy into my life, and revealing my vulnerability. We have to be mindful of these things…along with this unbalanced exchange of energy between us and others, it also has the potential to affect the physical body. I’ve seen it many times.

    Thank you for such a real and positive message! I loved that mention of how powerful our mindset is at creating our reality and how balanced reciprocation becomes more natural in this process.

    • Drew Taddia Post author

      Thank you so much for listening Gennette and for taking the time to listen and to share your perspective and situation with us. It’s always nice to know the show is helping out. You’re welcome for the positive message, if there’s anything else we can do to help please let me know!