Pre Workout Nutrition

Pre workout nutrition comes up quite a bit, truthfully I stay away from this question because it can become quite complicated. Depending on your goals, your sport time of day you’re working out, how long your workout, etc all play a vital role in what type of nutrition you should be consuming before a workout.

In this show I go over the very basics of what you should be having nutrition wise before a meal. Understand that this could vary depending on where you’re at with your fitness routine but make no mistake about it, nutrition before a workout is very important when considering optimal health and getting the most out of a workout.

pre workout nutrition

Show Notes:

  • why I don’t believe in carb loading (for pretty much any sport, activity or workout)
  • the importance of consuming balanced meals
  • how fats are slow burning and fuel your works
  • complex carbohydrates are also slow burning and should be consumed before a workout
  • look for light and easy meals to digest before a workout. An example of this would be: a quinoa salad, with avocado, and chick peas (or chicken breast)
  • snack meals before a workout would include – avocado and salsa, peanut butter and banana
  • stay away from low quality protein supplements before a workout
  • I highly recommend Complete Truth Protein supplement before a workout

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