NYC Experience

I recently took a trip to the Big Apple and I had such an incredible experience I wanted to share it with you. The buzz of the City that never sleeps alone is something I’ve never experienced before. It actually took me a couple days after I left to realize how much actually goes on there.

When you’re in it, in most things in life it takes awhile for you to take a step back and realize what actually happened.

From homeless people to those that lived in apartments that cost $10,000 a month! It such a crazy and incredible experience to see so many different things, feel different emotions, brush shoulders with thousands of people in a day and feel the exhaustion of all of that at the end of a day.

There is so much to do is NYC I feel like you could go there for a month and still not see everything. But what I did see and what a I did experience, I share with you in this show. I hope you enjoy.

nyc experience

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