EMB #551: Let’s Talk About Our Energizing Green Detox Smoothie!

Let's Talk About Our Energizing Green Detox Smoothie!

Our green smoothie is very different from a conventional green smoothie or fruit smoothie with greens in it. Different purposes, different reasons. Every one of our smoothies have a different purpose.

So a lot of people think that a green smoothie is just the smoothie that is green. But a fruit smoothie that is green is way different than this vegetable smoothie, green smoothie that we got going on.

If you haven’t seen the recipe, you should pull it up:

So if you want to find any of our recipes, all you have to do is go to trueformlife.com, and there’s a search bar. Any time you want to find a recipe, it’s going to be there for you. 

So the reason why we put this green smoothie together is because it’s incredibly nutritious, energizing. So the green smoothie is different from fruit smoothie. When you look at a fruit smoothie, the fruit smoothie has sugar in it. And we very much believe that all sugars react differently in your body. We don’t believe that you have to avoid sugars altogether. However, there is sugar in a fruit smoothie, a better sugar. But we don’t want you to start your day out with sugar. That’s not to say that you can’t have an apple or a banana in your food, but in most cases, a fruit smoothie is based around sugar, bananas, apples, strawberries, whatever it is.

In this case, we want you to have a green smoothie for vegetable purposes. We want you to get your vegetables because it’s fantastic for fiber. It will help with digestion. And a lot of people that first start taking green smoothies are like, ‘oh, my gosh, I can’t believe how much energy I have!’ And that’s because of those phytonutrients filling your cells and giving you that extra energy you need.

So a lot of you have had our green detoxing smoothie before, so you’ll notice that we’ve kind of boosted the ingredient list so we’ve amped it up, by putting in our spearmint magnesium and by putting in our spirulina tabs. So there are two more ingredients to make it even more energizing. We’ll talk about our liquid may and our spirulina tabs. You don’t have to put our true form supplements into your smoothies, but you’re going to notice a difference by using them.