EMB #543: How to Get your Best Sleep Ever!

Getting a restful night sleep (or lack there of) is a huge issue with many of us today. So much so, that many people don’t actually know what it feels like to feel refreshed and alive when waking up in the morning.

I’m not sure too many people put the connection together that toxins that cause stress on our bodies is preventing us from getting a restful night sleep.

The first thing we want to do is stop putting so many toxins in our body. We need to start paying attention every ingredient we’re consuming and be careful whatever it is, isn’t filling our body with toxins and putting stress on our body.

The next thing we want to do is pay attention to our environment late in the evening. If we’re watching action movies, loud music or other things that stimulate our brain (like working) we’ll have a difficult time putting ourselves in a restful state shortly after to sleep better.

And finally, speaking of stimulants, we need to pay attention to stimulants we are consuming late in the evening. Stimulants regarding highly processed sugary processed food, alcohol, tobacco and more only put more stress on our body. As much as we feel these stimulants are relaxing they really aren’t. These stimulants are waking us up internally and preventing us from putting our body in a relaxed state.