EMB #547: How to Avoid Summer Weight Gain

How to Avoid Summer Weight Gain

Today we’re going to talk about how to avoid summer weight gain. We have more people gain more weight over the summer than they do during the holidays, which is crazy. Most people don’t know that. Think that the summer guy works so hard to get a beach body or get in better shape, and then think that weight is not going to accumulate throughout the summer. So it’s real. And that’s going to be our topic today. 

So when it comes to summer weight gain, we are going to jump in and tell you the one of the most staggering stats. What most people don’t really think of or maybe don’t even believe is that September is our busiest time as a nutrition and fitness company. September. Everyone thinks that it’s January, but it’s not. January the last couple of years has been busy, fortunately for us. But in most cases, November, December are crazy. We’re spending a lot of money on gifts and presents and then January comes along and a lot of people are paying off their credit cards or paying off their bills. So then things start to get busier in February, March, maybe, but September is slammed and I really feel like it is the same thing in gyms, September was the busiest time. It was jam packed and people were like, ‘Oh my gosh, what have I done with myself all summer?’ We know we’ve gained weight. We don’t fit in our clothes anymore. Our schedules are kind of upside down, and now it’s time to try to get back into shape or get back into routines. 

So what we want to talk about today is to help you beat that summer weight gain and try to get into some routines and keep understanding that this is a lifestyle. You have to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, and that’s going to make a big difference.