EMB #136: Nutrition for Seniors

Nutrition for Seniors is something that we’ll all deal with at some point in our lives, it could be for a loved on or even ourselves but the reality is, most of us will have to consider this subject weather it’s for us or (more likely) a loved one.  It’s difficult to determine weather or not a senior in our lives is getting the proper nutrition unless we are with them day and night.  I’ve asked Terri Brigden to come on the show as our expert to talk about nutrition for seniors.  Terri shares an interesting story as she was banker for most of her professional career.  In her search for assistance for her mother she couldn’t find anything in the area suitable for her mothers needs.  So Terri decided to get involved in Comfort Keepers and branch out on her own.

Nutrition for Seniors

Nutrition for Seniors with Terri Brigden

Top 5 Tips concerning Nutrition for Seniors

  • Watch for physical problems such as poor wound healing
  • Pay attention to weight loss with seniors and if they’re losing weight too quickly
  • Try to arrange family members take turns being available during meal time
  • Know medication and what the side affects are

Terri also goes over the 5 Senses and what to look for in Nutrition for Seniors

5 Senses

  • Sight – look around, check the food in the fridge that may be expired, look in the pantry to expired to see if your senior is eating.  Also pay attention to bruises that may appear on the skin the senior in your life.
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Touch


Weather we like it or not nutrition for seniors is a subject that needs to be address because more than likely at some point in our lives all of us will be dealing with this subject.  It’s important to make sure the senior in your life is paying attention to what they eat, when they eat and if they’re eating at all.  More than likely it’ll have to be you who needs to pay attention to their eating habits.  As we get older we tend to lose our appetite, which is why we need someone to look after us and help us make a better decision concerning food.

Thank You

I just want to say a quick thank you to Terri for coming on the show and addressing this subject.  And I also wanted to make note of how much I appreciate her support in sponsoring the show as Comfort Keepers.  The show certainly wouldn’t be possible without sponsors so we appreciate every bit of help we have.

And thank you the listener, thank for every chance you get to tune in, comment, share or download.  Each one of your contributions makes this show possible as well.  I hope this show helped in your concern for nutrition for seniors.

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