EMB #557: Electric Cars

Electric Cars

Today’s show is all about the giant controversy of electric cars. Is this something that we should even be talking about? Yes, it is. Because we got to raise awareness around what’s going on in the world today and how there is so much segregation. We got to come together. We have to stop the madness. 

It is absolutely bonkers how over the last couple of years, I censor most of my words on social media because they shadow ban everything if you bring up the word COVID. But it’s the last couple COVID years that’s created such separation sets, such segregation, it’s absolutely madness and it has to end. I’m telling you, people are allowed to have different opinions. They’re allowed to have different ideas. They’re allowed to take different actions. We’re allowed to create the life of our own personal dreams. And that should be without the cost of disapproving parents, friends, family, neighbors or viewers. Who cares what they think, you gotta do what’s right for you.