EMB #588: Create a Deep Connection with Yourself

Tarun is the founder of Adios and Venus. Adios is a mental wellbeing company that enables you to improve your clarity of thought and peace of mind through a regular habit of Contemplation. 

If you live your life largely looking outward and not inward, you may not create a deep connection with yourself, so you may make decisions that seem exciting in the short run but may not be right for you in the long run. A regular habit of Contemplation on the Adios principles keeps your connection with yourself strong and you can make the right decisions by using your Adioscope – your personal microscope for life.

Venus enables you to find a meaningful relationship by finding yourself first. The Venus approach is that a meaningful relationship does not start with finding the right person. It starts with finding yourself. It starts with becoming the right person. 

Venus has a three step process:

1. Find Yourself

2. Find a Friend

3. Find a Partner

In that order.

To start your journey with Adios, please go to www.adiosworld.com.

To find a meaningful partner for yourself, please go to www.LoveIsVenus.com.

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